20% off Dental Cleanings

($75 savings)


New patients welcome.

Complimentary dental exams.


A pre-anesthetic exam and bloodwork is required prior to any procedure, but the pre-anesthetic exam is complimentary if a dental cleaning is scheduled.



30% off Equine Dentistry

for 2 or more horses

($55 savings per horse)


Horses need to be at the same time and location - no exceptions!


Single horses may haul in on Tuesdays in February for discount


All services must be performed before

March 1, 2015 for discounted rate.  

Please call to schedule!



Wellness Plan Brochures:









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Trust our skilled staff to provide compassionate care to your animal, whether it be preventative or treatment for a medical condition. Aspen Creek Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary services to many types of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, livestock, and more! We also have wellness plans for dogs, cats, and horses that allow for monthly payments and big savings to help you ensure optimum care at a great price.

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Explore our state-of-the-art facilities

Get the quality care your animal deserves at Aspen Creek Veterinary Hospital. We provide mobile, as well as, hospital services to better serve you!

Comprehensive veterinary care and services

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